What's Kraken?! | Anwar Jibawi

Are you crypto-curious? Kraken is the easiest and quickest cryptocurrency exchange that I’ve used. You can purchase your first crypto within minutes of signing up and you can connect directly to your bank account. Kraken is the most user friendly crypto app around! It’s a part of my daily life now and fits in perfectly. Thank you Kraken for sponsoring this video! Check out Kraken here ► kraken.app.link/anwar-jibawi-...

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    I like how ur Arabian and I am too

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    @Tiana Fernandes I am not 835 "33 xotankhoor 348353❤️350 5

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    I READ THE TITLE AS "what's a Karen" PLZ-

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    lol i thought it said "What's Karen?!"

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    Sooo No ONE is gonna talk about the Place called Anwar’s Kitchen (I think it was Kitchen) in the background

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    Bruh i like your outfit

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    Is it only me who remembers kusal mendis when Anwar's face is closer to camera?

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    that grey suit looks so good on him

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    Wasted time

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    i thought the purpose of this video was: whats cracking?

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    At first, I thought the title was "What's cracking?!"

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    I thought the title was. “What’s Karen?”.

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    What's brakken buzzz?

  • Sakurr
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    What's kraken kuzz??

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    Anwar inspires me to buy crocs😂

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    He looks like tobey Maguire with his beard

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    I messed up reading the title,i thought it said "what's karen?"😂😂😂😂

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    Crypto’s the way forward

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    Hockey team in Seattle

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    it's cool that he noticing alot of comments

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    They must've paid digits for a dedicated sketch lol

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    advertising gambling? hm..

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    Man, you should promote DeFi rather than CEX. DeFi's like Gravity DEX and Uniswap deserve promotion.

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    Money is tight 😂😂😜 love the videos tho !

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    Love you Anwar am so addicted to ur videos,.. Frm meghalaya northeast india 🇮🇳

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    Anwar vs jake

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    When they started talking of crypto app I thought that the whole video is an ad but to my surprise it isn't 😯

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    Let's go pump $ada lol

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    “What should I do with my money?” Thats rich people problems right there

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    Anwar i m your fan from Pakistan 🇵🇰 buddy ..... and my Question is .... how can we get benefits or make some money from cryptocurrency in Pakistan ? Is this leagle in Pakistan? I don't think so... now a day just start octafx trading .... 4x trading is also not leagle in Pakistan.

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    Other crypto apps don’t have fees. Kraken has

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    But kraken has fees associated with withdrawals

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    I am a fan bro, but I just didn’t find this video entertaining or with a funny purpose 😑

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